Theta Rhythm (While my father was sleeping…)

Drama documentary short (2010)
Director: Bojan Fajfric

Theta Rhythm is a short by a Amsterdam based conceptual artist Bojan Fajfrić.

The whole film is based on artists father experience on a particular day in 1987 when he fell asleep during one of the most important political meetings in recent Yugoslav history – meeting of the Yugoslav Communist Party that brought Slobodan Milosevic into power. Theta Rhythm is comprised of a detailed re-creation of the period and daily routine of artist’s father. For this film artist took over the role of his father and re-enacted this pivotal day in Yugoslav history.

Vienna International Film Festival – VIENNALE, Int. Competition
Netherlands Film Festival, Utrech
Amsterdam premier “Theta Rhythm”, Film Museum, EYE institute
International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Int. Competition
International Film Festival Rotterdam, “Sliding Past”
I-GONG, Seoul international NewMedia Festival, Korea
Pravo Ljudski, 6th Human Rights Film Festival, Sarajevo
The Northern Film Festival, Leeuwarden

World sales: EYE Film Institute Netherlands