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Tuna Fish - Tuna Tank

Tuna Tank is the film and special project division of Tuna Fish. It aims to create culturally relevant work that engages audiences across all platforms, from film and TV to web and art projects.
Through its projects it strives to initiate and nurture close collaborations with most exciting directors, screenwriters and acting talent in the region.

Our project #JustSaying won the IPA Satellite Award in 2014 for Best Original Short Program, 2014 Webby Awards Official Honoree Drama: Long form or series, Banff World Media Festival Rockie Award Nominee for Best Web Series Fiction, LA Web Fest Award for Best Cinematography and made it to the Official Selection of Melbourne Web Fest.

  • #justsaying

    Webseries (2013)

    Director: Jelena Gavrilovic

    In partnership with B92 Fund and BBC Media Action.

    The story follows the events of an (un)usual summer in the lives of a small number of girls and boys. They all come from different, but neighboring countries; it is only rarely and unwillingly that the populations of their countries cross these borders. They all speak different languages, but can understand each other perfectly. They all share the same dreams and fears, but so far they haven’t had any opportunity to talk about it. They met by chance, and this is exactly how they all became friends.

    Awards and Screenings:
    IPA Satellite Award in 2014 for Best Original Short Program;
    2014 Webby Awards Official Honoree Drama: Long form or series;
    Banff World Media Festival Rockie Award Nominee for Best Web Series Fiction;
    LA Web Fest Award for Best Cinematography;
    Official Selection of Melbourne Web Fest

  • Who Framed Kaktus Kid

    Drama documentary (In production)
    Director: Djordje Markovic

    Aleksandar Zograf, a renowned cartoonist discovers an unusual comic book from World War II. The comic’s hero is Kaktus Kid – a small cactus trapped in his pot. Intrigued, Zograf investigates into the life of Kaktus Kid’s creator – little known artist Veljko Kockar. He soon discovers that Kockar was arrested just after the liberation of Belgrade in 1944. He was charged for being a Gestapo agent and executed. Zograf’s investigation reveals a far more complex story: Kockar’s identity and artistic works were stolen, he possibly has an affair with the girlfriend of a guerilla soldier and he drew anti-communist propaganda for the Nazis. As he explores the story and pieces together the scraps of evidence 70 years after it happened Zograf is faced with his own personal and artistic dilemmas: why do these little drawings have such power to give consolation but also lead to violence? The massacre at Charlie Hebdo is our current day analogy to Kockar’s life and death. The circumstances may be different but the principle remains the same. Even today cartoonists are being murdered because of their art. Digging up our history will shed some light on our lives today.

    Developed at Docs in Thessaloniki 2013 and Documentary Campus 2015

  • Milena – Documentary

    Drama documentary (2010)
    Director: Carna Manojlovic

    Story about extraordinary woman, a painter, a poet, a designer, a visionary – Milena Pavlovic Barili.

    East Silver Jihlava
    Motovun film festival
    Underhill fest Podgorica

  • Theta Rhythm (While my father was sleeping…)

    Drama documentary short (2010)
    Director: Bojan Fajfric

    Theta Rhythm is a short by a Amsterdam based conceptual artist Bojan Fajfrić.

    The whole film is based on artists father experience on a particular day in 1987 when he fell asleep during one of the most important political meetings in recent Yugoslav history – meeting of the Yugoslav Communist Party that brought Slobodan Milosevic into power. Theta Rhythm is comprised of a detailed re-creation of the period and daily routine of artist’s father. For this film artist took over the role of his father and re-enacted this pivotal day in Yugoslav history.

    Vienna International Film Festival – VIENNALE, Int. Competition
    Netherlands Film Festival, Utrech
    Amsterdam premier “Theta Rhythm”, Film Museum, EYE institute
    International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Int. Competition
    International Film Festival Rotterdam, “Sliding Past”
    I-GONG, Seoul international NewMedia Festival, Korea
    Pravo Ljudski, 6th Human Rights Film Festival, Sarajevo
    The Northern Film Festival, Leeuwarden

    World sales: EYE Film Institute Netherlands